In our activity, one of the important places is computerised embroidery. The 21 embroidery heads can personalize fabrics such as (stofa), jersey, fleece, denim, tull and leather. Also, we offer a wide range of embroidery styles for t-shirts, caps, shirts and knitwear, such as embroidery patches, sequins,(snur), perforated or moss. 

An important part of our activity is also making the embroidery program for other smaller manufacturing companies, either local or international, that do not have the necessary software or the trained personnel, but offer embroidery services to their clients. 

Thus, small clothing manufacuters, design houses, advertising companies and clubs are increasing their requests for personalized embroidery. Due to our performant embroidery machines, our comany can make industrial embroidery and programs for our direct beneficiaries, but we are also open through our programs to all companies that desire this type of personalization. The technical solutions we offer ensure the precision of the embroidery positioning on the product and a constant high quality.


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